How do I use iWeb to upload my site?

You will have to delete the default file "index.php" from the public_html directory.  Find this file and remove it and your site will show properly once the settings below are entered and your site is published via iWeb.


The settings in iWeb should be as follows:



Description: Description: cid:image001.png@01CC030F.53F1CC90


  1. First click on the site you are interested in publishing.
  2. Select "FTP Server"
  3. Verify your site name is what you want
  4. Enter in your contact email address
  5. Enter in " " as the server address
  6. Enter in your username (same as for logging into FTP, and checking your email)
  7. Enter in your password (same as for logging into FTP, and checking your email)
  8. Enter in "public_html"

Then just enter in your website URL. It is a good thing to know this by heart as this address can be used to navigate directly to your site. Your url is going to be the same as shown. For example

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